Geek to Geek - S1E13 - VR (HTC Vive)

Virtual Reality (HTC Vive)
In this episode:
  • Void bought an HTC Vive! Don’t know what that is? Great! That’s why we’re doing this episode! We want to introduce you to virtual reality gaming. Since not everyone (Beej included) has had an opportunity to experience VR, live vicariously through Void while Beej incessantly questions him about the technology.
  • Playing the Scully to Void’s Mulder, Beej plays (is) the skeptic and questions everything Void knows about VR.
    • First off: is this a fad?
    • What is the HTC Vive, anyway? Is it all inclusive, or is it a PC peripheral?
    • Honestly, who is this technology for?
    • What is the future of virtual reality? Or at least, where does it seem to be heading?
    • Should naysayers/skeptics buy it now or wait?
  • Void’s Must have games for HTC Vive
  • Games to avoid
    • Windlands
    • inMind
    • inCell
  • Weekly Geekery
  • Health Hack
    • Drink some water! It’s summertime, and you have to pay more attention to your water intake. If your mouth is dry and you feel thirsty, it’s already too late--you’re on the way to dehydration. Even if you think you’re drinking enough, you’re probably not (we all overestimate how much we drink). So drink up, geeks!
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Music by CarboHydroM


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