Midnight Nation

After really enjoying Rising Stars on @professorbeej's recommendation I picked up Midnight Nation which is another comic series by the same author.

This comic is much darker and grounded more in the real world.  It's about what happens when people fall through the cracks and how the world can feel like a completely different place at night compared to during the day.

I liked all that about the series and I also liked that it had a story to tell and then wrapped up.  It's not a long drawn out series.  It's only twelve comics in total and I grabbed them as a set from Comixology.

The only thing I didn't really like were the religious overtones (and undertones for that matter) which ended up tying into the main story.  It wasn't too heavy handed or focused on any one real world religion but it still felt like a bit of a cop out in an otherwise unique world.

If you're in a dark and broody mood and want a comic series to match, check out Midnight Nation.


  1. With a couple of notable exceptions, Straczynski's stuff tends to be pretty cool. His biggest flaw is a tendency to abandon a book partway through for other projects, leading to months or years-long hiatuses. Reading the collected work once he's finished it neatly avoids that problem though. I'd recommend the book The Twelve that he did for Marvel a few years back. It's about twelve Golden Age heroes who went missing near the end of World War II and are found and revived in the modern day.

    1. That sounds really interesting. I'll add The Twelve to my list for sure!


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