Escape Room!

We did an escape room the other day and it was really fun!

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, you basically get an hour in a room to solve different puzzles and "escape" the room (even though the doors are never truly locked).  It sounded like a cool idea so we finally lined up schedules with enough people and eight of us tackled a Starship scenario.

We entered the room which was basically the bridge of a starship and learned that the scenario was an alien trapped on the ship which we had to locate and defeat before the hour was up.  I don't want to give away any of the puzzles in case any of you end up running this one, but it was super fun.

There were a series of puzzles, some hidden, some obvious and we organically divided up into teams of two or three to start working on all of them.  We succeeded and finish the room with over 10 minutes left!

When we finished the guy running the room told us that only 25% of groups finish and the majority have less than 5 minutes left when they do.  We were super proud!

If you have an escape room somewhere near you I would suggest checking it out (if you can get enough people to line up their schedules).  I'll embed a video of one below.  I wouldn't have done one with a horror theme like the one in the video but it gives you a general idea about what a room is like.


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