More Marvel Unlimited!

Continuing with my Marvel Unlimited browsing and reading:

This is a spin-off of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse.  Silk is a female version of Spider-Man who was bitten by the same spider.  Her story is really interesting and doesn't overstay it's welcome.  It also ties into Secret Wars... which many of the modern comics do.

Infinity Gauntlet
This was a Secret Wars comic about the infinity stones and Nova Corps.  I'm not super familiar with either but I gave it a shot because it looked interesting.  Unfortunately I bounced off of it after less than two issues.  I think it required more background knowledge than I have to actually get into.

Amazing Spider-Man
I had basically already read the middle 50% of this run of Spider-Man because I read Spider-Verse.  I liked it a lot so I thought I would finish the run by reading the other 25% on each side of what I had already read.  It's very good and I would have read more if it wasn't interrupted by Secret Wars.  I'll have to keep an eye out for more by this writer in the future.

Ms. Marvel
The latest run of Ms. Marvel is weird and kooky and fantastic!  Kamala Khan inherits the mantle of Ms. Marvel.  It gives and interesting perspective since she's a kid who absolutely loves super heroes.  She follows all the superhero gossip, backstories, video games, and writes fan fiction about them.  Then she gets to become one of them.  It's an amazing take on a new super hero!

Strange (2006)
A friend recommended checking out this short run to get the basic backstory of Dr. Strange.  I was interested in it after seeing the recent trailer for the upcoming Dr. Strange movie starring bennybatch.  It's a good run and I feel like I now know the basics of Dr. Strange.  I would recommend this one if you're in the same situation and want to get into the core of the character.


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