Geek to Geek: S1E11 - Captain America: Civil War - “You can’t just buff that out… right?”

Captain America: Civil War

In this episode:
  • SPOILERS AHEAD! But that helps you enjoy things more. For real! We are talking pretty in-depth about Captain America: Civil War, so if you haven’t seen it or don’t want to know the outcome of #TeamCap vs #TeamIronMan...well, you’ve been warned.
  • Civil War didn’t feel like a Captain America movie. But it also didn’t feel like an Avengers movie.
  • The cast was huge, and unlike some recent ensemble movies, this one pulled it off very well. In Civil War, we get fight scenes and backstory without the movie feeling bloated. The introductions of Spider-man and Black Panther are more than cameos. Plus, they’re not origin stories, and they get real fight scenes that matter!
  • The movie fits in the MCU, and previous viewing is pretty much required. And that’s a good thing. It creates investment in the viewer, and your emotional response is earned. It can still be enjoyed as a standalone, but it is extra meaningful if you’ve been around since the beginning.
  • To us, this all seems like a pretty good indication of the the tone and direction the Russo brothers will take with Infinity War.
  • Weekly Geekery
  • Health Hack: Change your clothes! Dressing the part for what you’re doing is a good way to motivate yourself to get a move on. Whether it’s basketball, running, cycling, or walking (or whatever else), having an outfit that you wear for that activity can energize you and get you out there. After all, if you’ve already changed clothes, you’re less likely to say “meh, nevermind” as you walk toward the door.

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