Sampling Comics from Marvel Unlimited

I've had my Marvel Unlimited subscription for awhile since I got a really good deal on a year long sub, but I haven't checked in and browsed much until lately.  Here's a quick sampling of what I've been checking out:

Civil War
Civil War was very comic booky... and not in a good way.  I didn't enjoy it since it was so over the top and it couldn't go more than 2 pages without trying to reveal a new hero in the fight or have someone switch sides.  I know it was a big thing at the time, and now I'm glad I know the source material for the upcoming movie, but I don't think this storyline holds up.

Old Man Logan
I didn't realize what Secret Wars was until like half way through this series.  But it's a short 6 comic run.  Secret Wars is basically a bunch of alternate universe earths that have all been jammed together into one planet somehow via the power of Doom.  It sounds dumb, but it lets the writers do mini storylines in any universe setting they want.  Old Man Logan sees an old Wolverine figure out how to jump between these different sections of the world and he keeps stumbling into different settings.  It's really interesting even though it took me awhile to get my mind around the premise.

Renew Your Vows
Set in Secret Wars, this section of the world is one where Peter Parker has a family and is in hiding from a big bad that is stealing powers from all the heroes.  This might be the best Spiderman thing I've ever read.  As a husband and father it hit me right in the feels in the best way possible.  I highly recommend this 5 comic series.

Civil War (Secret Wars)
This storyline in Secret Wars is so much better than the actual Civil Wars storyline.  In this section of Secret Wars the Civil War never ended.  Captain America and Iron Man have had an ongoing war for years and it's torn the US apart.  Now the western part of the US is "The Blue" and the eastern part is "The Iron" and it seems like all out war is brewing again.  It's a great storyline and, again, it's only 6 comics.  I love these short reads.

After all this reading I'm tempted to dig into Secret Wars more and see how other writers are playing around when given completely free reign like this.  I also still have a list of other comics to check out after talking about comics on the podcast last month.


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