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S2E12 - Beating Mass Effect Andromeda and Buying Video Games in Installments - “I’ve never seen the internet overreact to anything before”

Beating Mass Effect Andromeda and Buying Video Games in Installments In this episode: OMG! BIG NEWS! We are incredibly excited to announce that we m ade a new friend! YAAAAAY! The   Geektitude podcast   has joined the Geek to Geek podcast network.   Geektitude   is an interview show, which our network has been looking to include for quite a while. We just had to find the right one. And Joe is the right guy for th e job. We couldn't be happier with the addition, and we certainly hope y'all will give him the same kind of love and warm-fuzzies that you have given the rest of us. Make sure you head over to the   Geektitude Facebook page   and give it a like, subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, and give him a shout at   @epicgrays   on Twitter. And you know what's best of all? He has like 70ish episodes to listen to already, so what are you waiting for? Get to streaming! Mass Effect Andromeda Void beat Mass Effect Andromeda very quickly. He revie

S2E11 - Introducing your friends to Star Wars - “Jedi Noob”

Introducing your friends to Star Wars In this episode: Getting into Star Wars can be tough. It has a huge history and a gigantic fanbase, and with 50 years behind it, some people are intimidated by the franchise and don’t know how to jump in. Never fear, geeks! We’re here to help. Inspired by our resident Jedi Noobs Chocobochica and CapsuleJay (among others!), we want to make sure that Star Wars is not unapproachable. We provide suggestions on the best viewing order on the movies, as well as jumping-on points that aren’t necessarily even tied in with the films. There is a huge swath of Star Wars-related media out there, so if you’re a book person, we recommend books (specifically,   audiobooks !), or if you’re a gamer, there are always video games, and if you like to binge, you can even jump in with some of the cartoons and even different ways to watch those! We discuss the oft-mentioned Machete order, as well as how The Force Awakens (Episode 7) changed the way you jump in

S2E10 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - “I just want to climb on all the things”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild In this episode: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally out, and Beej and Void are playing (and loving) it. Void has it on the Switch, and Beej grabbed it on Wii U. We discuss the differences in the versions and how each piece of hardware handles the game (hint: they’re pretty much the same). We discuss how Breath of the Wild treats armor and weapons differently than other games in the series, making it much more like a traditional RPG, but still feeling totally like Zelda. The setting is a unique version of Hyrule, and it’s a welcome change. You can see the other Hyrules there, but this one feels more alive...even though it has technically been destroyed. Nintendo did what Nintendo does: makes a game full of fun little details. In a way, they did what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft--took an existing genre and perfected it. The game assumes you’re not stupid and doesn’t have a real “tutorial.” You have an intro, get

S2E9 - Nintendo Switch Launch Spectacular! - “Little Tiny Kid Hands”

Nintendo Switch Launch Spectacular! In this episode: Nintendo Switch is here! It’s launched! Void got one! Beej didn’t! He can’t find one at all! There were however...hiccups. Don’t buy day-1 console hardware from Amazon. Impressions of Hardware Why is Nintendo marketing it as a console that you can take with you instead of a handheld that docks? It plays better when it’s   not   docked. Suspend any time and anywhere, like a handheld.  Faster suspend and more integrated than PS4. Definitely leans toward the handheld side and not the console side. Kickstand sound is disconcerting. Controllers: Joycons are great, and they feel awesome when clicked into handheld mode. Also as separate controllers, and the clip thingies make them bigger and more comfortable. The dog-head controller is terrible. But the Nintendo Switch pro controller is the best, and it connects to the PC, too, a bonus. I do not like the dog head controller at all (the grip) Docking and undocking is very

S2E8 - Day 1 Technology & Nintendo Switch Prep - “Did you get a Pink Glitter Pen?!”

Day 1 Technology & Nintendo Switch Prep In this episode: Talking Points: Day 1 technology and console adopters vs… not. The   Nintendo Switch   will be out by the time many if you listen to this, and we wanted to talk about tech that we grab on Day 1. And tech that we wait for. Which consoles or tech have you picked up on day one? For us, it depends. Void grabbed Gamecube, Gamecube, GBA, PS2, Vive, and the Xbox 360, while Beej was mostly a Month 1 person as supplies and money allowed. Dreamcast was his favorite Day 1 purchase. Most of our Day 1 video game consoels were when we were younger and had far more disposable income than we do as adults. We waited on a lot of consoles, too, whether it was for hardware upgrades or some other reason. Beej waited on the 2DS, the PS3, and the PS Vita, and they were all fantastic purchases. Void really loves that he waited on the 3DS XL, the PS4 (Black Friday bundles FTW), the PS VIta, and the Wii U. Same for him--they were all a