S2E9 - Nintendo Switch Launch Spectacular! - “Little Tiny Kid Hands”

Nintendo Switch Launch Spectacular!
In this episode:
  • Nintendo Switch is here! It’s launched! Void got one! Beej didn’t! He can’t find one at all!
  • There were however...hiccups. Don’t buy day-1 console hardware from Amazon.
Impressions of Hardware
  • Why is Nintendo marketing it as a console that you can take with you instead of a handheld that docks?
  • It plays better when it’s not docked. Suspend any time and anywhere, like a handheld.  Faster suspend and more integrated than PS4. Definitely leans toward the handheld side and not the console side.
  • Kickstand sound is disconcerting.
  • Controllers: Joycons are great, and they feel awesome when clicked into handheld mode. Also as separate controllers, and the clip thingies make them bigger and more comfortable. The dog-head controller is terrible. But the Nintendo Switch pro controller is the best, and it connects to the PC, too, a bonus. I do not like the dog head controller at all (the grip)
  • Docking and undocking is very close to seamless. Just be slightly careful lining up the system when docking. It’s smart when it’s charging in the dock and you pull it out it prompts you to triple tap a button to unlock the screen.
  • Posting to social media is easier than other systems. Plus you can add text and edit images!
  • I like the “HD Rumble” more than rumble on most controllers.
  • No install time for games! Even update patches are downloaded and applied in the background while playing.
Impressions of Games:
  • Bomberman is Bomberman. Camera can be annoying. Kids love it.
  • Snipperclips is a secret must-own game if you can have 2-player local co-op.
  • Fast RMX is cool if you like reacing games like F-Zero or Wipeout.
  • Zelda is amazing. I’m fairly sure this will be my favorite Zelda game ever. Next week will be all about Zelda, so not much detail here, but TONS next week.
  • Void’s kids like it a lot, and the joycons are perfect for them because not only are they small, they’re much simpler in terms of buttons and control schemes.
How it’s fitting into Void’s daily life:
  • Playing it docked at night after the kids go to bed
  • Take it up to the bedroom when settling in for bed and play it for awhile
  • Daughter didn’t feel great the other night, and it was great to be able to move around and be near her.
Geeky Offer of the Week
  • You should totally get a free copy of Zelda or Persona 4 Golden through Gamefly at gameflyoffer.com/geek
Weekly Geekery
  • Beej: ERMAGERD LOGAN ERMAGERD - Read Old Man Logan, the original story that was in Wolverine (2003) #66-72, hit on a lot of the film scholar background Jennifer and I have, and we may end up doing a podcast together about it soon / Jennifer beat Journey again, and it was super relaxing to watch / Picked up Persona 4 Golden for Vita while it was on sale. Digging the music so far, thought it was hand-drawn for some reason / Finished Saga, and I desperately want more.
  • Void: Played the Switch. Obvs. / installed level 2 charger install for the electric car! It’s awesome!
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