S2E8 - Day 1 Technology & Nintendo Switch Prep - “Did you get a Pink Glitter Pen?!”

Day 1 Technology & Nintendo Switch Prep

In this episode:
Talking Points:
  • Day 1 technology and console adopters vs… not. The Nintendo Switch will be out by the time many if you listen to this, and we wanted to talk about tech that we grab on Day 1. And tech that we wait for.
  • Which consoles or tech have you picked up on day one? For us, it depends. Void grabbed Gamecube, Gamecube, GBA, PS2, Vive, and the Xbox 360, while Beej was mostly a Month 1 person as supplies and money allowed. Dreamcast was his favorite Day 1 purchase.
  • Most of our Day 1 video game consoels were when we were younger and had far more disposable income than we do as adults.
  • We waited on a lot of consoles, too, whether it was for hardware upgrades or some other reason. Beej waited on the 2DS, the PS3, and the PS Vita, and they were all fantastic purchases. Void really loves that he waited on the 3DS XL, the PS4 (Black Friday bundles FTW), the PS VIta, and the Wii U. Same for him--they were all amazing purchases.
  • We both pick what we get on Day 1 kind of by gut feeling. We weigh the hype and whether we use it right away and how much we think it will impact our lives. Do we think that it will be a positive and consistent part of our lives? We don’t buy based on hype and what is getting the most attention, but at some point you just have to pull the trigger if you’re excited enough about it, personally.
  • So...the Nintendo Switch. We recorded just a few days before the launch, and we are crazy excited, but we hope the JoyCon woes are taken care of. Void is getting one delivered to his doorstep so he can play as soon as he gets home from work, and Beej has to wait on grabbing one because he’s freelancing and money is spotty for the moment. If a new full-time gig comes in, he will run out and breathe in the Breath of the Wild.
  • Nintendo releases on Fridays, which is great for adults who work. Weekend gaming binges!
  • How many of you folks are buying a Switch on Day 1? Let us know in the subreddit or on Twitter!
Geeky “Buy BJ a Nintendo Switch” Offer of the Week
  • Please go to audibletrial.com/geektogeekcast and use your FREE audiobook credit on one of Beej’s audiobooks. Help him buy a Switch! The books are Birthright, Lineage, or Legacy by B.J. Keeton.
Weekly Geekery
  • Beej - Paper and Fire
  • Erasable Ink Pens from Japan, or “some people love pens way more than I knew was possible, but I’m super glad they do.”
  • Void - Lot's of stuff
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