S2E22 - E3 2017 - “Who doesn’t want to be a dinosaur?!”

E3 Hype!

  • E3 2017. Not comprehensive. Not VGNN.  Only talking about things we think are interesting enough to talk about.  You have video game news sites for the rest :)
  • We’re talking about Press Conferences, if more news comes out throughout the rest of the week it won’t be here because we’re recording on Tuesday night!
  • http://e3recap.com/ has been my friend
  • Overall trends
    • Esports being forced onto games that aren’t even out yet
    • “Influencers” being put front and center
      • BJ: torn on the current “influencer” boom. Feels like a bubble that’s totally disingenuous
    • Shorter press conferences with less big game announcements
    • Really hard to tell what is actually exclusive
      • Microsoft “Console Launch Exclusive”
    • Most of these press conferences would have been better pre-recorded as just a series of trailers instead of having a stage show, honestly.
    • Updates on games we already knew existed.  This is what we get for so many years of announcing games way ahead of time.  It finally caught up to the platform holders.
      • The UPSIDE of this is that most of the games in the conferences will be out within the next 12 months.  That has never really been the case before.
    • Skyrim being announced for Switch with motion controls and for VR.  Can we just let Skyrim die already?
      • BJ: I think it’s cool to be for the Switch, but I agree. I’d rather a new Elder Scrolls game than yet another rehash of Skyrim. I’m not playing it again.
  • EA
    • Battlefront 2 (Star Wars)
      • All Saga Movie timelines? Prequels, Original, and New trilogies
      • New class system and points for vehicles/heroes
      • Single Player Story Campaign
  • Microsoft
    • Scorpio “Xbox One X” $499
      • It’s kind of amazing how much I DON’T care about PS4 Pro or Scorpio
    • A bunch of survival games?  I’m not super into that genre
    • A bunch of games we already knew about or have seen before
    • Sea of Thieves (first actual exclusive? But it’s on Windows 10 too, so whatever)
      • BJ: it’s an adventure game! #yawn
      • Jumping was fun in 1. 2 was a letdown
      • BJ: Terry Crews! <3 crews.="" enough="" it="" make="" me="" play="" s="" span="" terry="" that="" to="" want="">
  • Bethesda
  • PC
      • Very similar to the original tabletop game
      • Facing, armor, line of sight

  • Ubisoft
      • "It's a huge world. Basically, we took the size of Black Flag's Caribbean, but on the ground, so a lot of locations to travel that will allow us to show how rich ancient Egypt was”
        • This is why I love AC. Exploring really cool ancient places.
      • Main character is in his mid-30s (I love this)
      • Control a personal eagle for scouting and marking
      • More RPG-ish
        • Old games were action-adventure and this one is action-rpg
        • Gear, progression, and story
        • Graph similar to sphere grid from FFX
      • Quests instead of missions (approach whenever you want, but they have recommended levels)
      • BJ: gimme. If it’s for PC, most definitely. Most most most definitely. If not, I don’t have a system for it.
    • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
      • SRPG set in the Mushroom Kingdom, with Rabbids and Mario characters
      • Nintendo is finally branching out and loosening up with their beloved characters!
      • BJ: I could totally see myself loving this.
      • Looks like they took the pirate part of AC 4: Black Flag and turned it into a full game
        • Awesome
      • BJ: This looks like a big ole bag of “meh”
      • Physical spaceship building game? Weird but interesting
      • Open-worldish but hand crafted star system.  Kinda a No Man’s Sky vibe, but hand crafted instead of procedural.  Looks interesting.
      • Toys to life continues
      • BJ: I love toys to life, but this one looks so complicated that it takes what was awful about Lego Dimensions and makes it the whole deal
  • Geeky Offer of the Week
  • Sony
      • BJ: game, yay! No ps4, boo!
    • Spider-Man (true PS4 exclusive)
      • It looks like what the Arkham series did for batman but for Spider-Man.
      • Super fluid, combat looks fun, traversal looks fun
      • Peter Parker and hint at Miles Morales
      • Physics based swinging based on where you attach a web to a building
      • Void - I’m easily more excited for this game than for Spider-Man Homecoming
      • BJ:
  • Nintendo
    • New Pokemon (core mainline series) announced for Switch
    • Metroid Prime 4 in dev
      • Looks like Yoshi’s wooly world 2, but now with more materials instead of just yarn
    • Fire Emblem Warriors (again) (hack and slash lots of enemies)
      • Releasing this fall
      • Weapons triangle, pairing up characters
    • Breath of the Wild DLC packs
      • Pack 1… whatever
      • Pack 2, maybe playable the past timeline from the game?
    • Rocket League Switch
      • Exclusive items, cross network play
    • Mario Odyssey 10/27 (same day as AC: Origin)
      • Hat transforms Mario into enemies and objects
    • Hopefully more Nintendo reveals throughout the week on the treehouse stream like they did last year
      • Metroid Samus Returns 2D side scroller on 3DS
  • Other
      • Exosuits “Javelins”
      • Basically Iron Man suits
      • This is what the Bioware A team was doing while the B squad was working on Andromeda
      • Exploration & RPG customization look great
      • If it has a good story and interesting systems I would absolutely love this game
      • It looks like what I thought Destiny would be before we actually found out the reality of Destiny as it exists.
      • Kinda looks like if Mass Effect and Destiny had a baby… it would be Anthem
      • BJ: shared world makes me hesitant. I think it will depend on the level of integration and how much it’s required
      • BJ: between this and everything else, it looks like I will be buying a cheap PS4 next year
      • Co-op minecraft/left for dead type of game
    • PUBG on consoles
      • By Chucklefish (stardew valley publishers)
      • Looks like Advance Wars
      • Mario Maker vibe
      • PC, Xbox, Switch
    • Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • What are we most excited for from this E3?
    • Void
      • Mario Odyssey
      • Assassin’s Creed Origins
      • Anthem
      • Spider-Man
    • Beej
      • Spider-man
      • Anthem
      • Kingdom Hearts 3
      • Assassin’s Creed Origins


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