New Podcast! Video Game News Now!

So I've officially been bitten by the podcasting bug.  I just launched a second podcast and with this one I'm trying something different!

I don't know of many podcast that do short form.  Most of the podcasts I listen to range from 30 minutes to 2+ hours.

With Video Game News Now I'm aiming for a podcast most weekdays and generally under 5 minutes for each episode.  Following gaming news is a hobby of mine and I realize that a lot of people out there are interested in what's going on but don't want to devote the time to scanning the headlines and reading all the news sites like I do.

So, that's what this podcast is for!  I'll summarize the news of the day for you and put it in a quickly digestible listening format!

Come try it out and tell me what you think.  I suggest downloading at least the first two episodes (less than 10 min all put together) since episode 0 is just an explanation.

Find it on:


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