Star Fox Zero Review

I've been a Star Fox fan ever since I got my hands of the very first game.  I've been following Star Fox Zero while it's been in development and I was super excited to get my hands on it!

My initial impression of the game was one of disappointment.  You see... they've taken traditional Star Fox controls and then added on non-optional motion controls with the Wii U gamepad.  I hate the control scheme.  I thought it was maybe ok until I hit the end of the first level and went into All-Range Mode and they just made the whole experience frustrating.

I powered through and beat the game... because I love Star Fox anyway and even by the time I finished I still hadn't adjusted to the controls.  And I'm a video game player of over 25 years at this point.  I really don't know why they did this to the controls.

I was ready to completely write off the game for myself but then flipping through the map I noticed co-op mode.

Co-op mode gives one player a pro controller (closest to a "normal" controller that Nintendo makes) and let's that player have traditional Star Fox controls!  Then it gives you a dedicated gunner as the second player who gets the gamepad.

This is how you implement motion controls.  Co-op is a ton of fun with a second player!  I still wish that I could play single player with default controls but it doesn't look like that's ever going to be an option.  I'll just content myself with co-op and the awesomeness that is the pack in game, Star Fox Guard.  But more about that one tomorrow!


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