Geek to Geek S1E10 - Overwatch - “Giant Gorilla With a Lightning Cannon”

Overwatch is in Open Beta! And it’s awesome!

In this episode:
  • We pre-purchased Overwatch to get early access to the beta, and we’ve played it for hours. Guess what? We love it! And part of that is because the world of Overwatch feels so organic and rich. Even in beta, this game feels polished and unique--it will definitely be one of our evergreen games for years to come.
  • Each character feels totally unique and plays like a different kind of game. If you get bored with one playstyle, you can just swap to a different one, and the whole game plays differently.
  • What’s most interesting to us is how Overwatch all but forces team play. In a culture where every person wants to be the main hero, Overwatch is designed in such a way that teamwork is natural and organic.
  • Weekly Geekery
    • Void - Hamilton - Void has listened to the Hamilton soundtrack 5 times in under 24 hours.
    • Beej - Heroes of the Storm. You guys peer pressured Beej into playing HotS, and it worked! He’s a MOBA fan now!
  • Health Hack: Bored with your normal routine? Don’t change your exercise, change what you listen to! Switch from music to a podcast or from an audiobook to heavy metal. Just a chance in tunage can do wonders for your workout variety!

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Music by CarboHydroM


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