Agents of Shield Season 2

I finally got through Season 2 of Agents of Shield.  It was tough.

I really liked the momentum at the end of Season 1 but it felt almost entirely gone at the beginning of Season 2.  After struggling through almost ten episodes I decided to ask a friend if it was safe to just skip ahead.

It was the best decision!

After a few episodes it was obvious which direction they were taking the main storylines... they just needed to hurry up and get there!

Episode 19 is where things really start picking up.  The main team is finally back together to run an interesting operation and then the episode ties into Age of Ultron also.

At this point I'm starting to realize that Agents of Shield is best when it's tying into the greater MCU and at it's worst when it's biding time.  I really hope that Season 3 finally has better pacing when I give it a shot.


  1. No joy, I'm afraid. Season 3 has just been a slog for me. I enjoy the episodes individually, but have a hard time convincing myself to watch the latest episode in the 1st place. I want to like it, and it does have it's moments, but overall I'm still struggling to like it anywhere close to as much as I want to, if that makes sense.

    1. I want to like this show so much. I love the rest of the MCU! After writing this one and giving it some more thought I might actually just be done with it.


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