Atlas Reactor Impressions

I love the premise of Atlas Reactor so when I had a chance to jump into a free weekend trial I took it.

That premise is a turn based MOBA-ish strategy game where actions are all locked in during a 20 second window and then all the locked in actions take place during the next phases.  It's kind of real time, mostly turn based, but overall very interesting.

By the end of the first full game I played of it I realized there's a huge execution problem.  The game, idea, and systems are solid enough but watching the locked-in actions play out take way too long.  Like, they could speed up all the animations by a factor of five or ten it would be just fine.

Or they could do what I thought was the obvious execution and just have all the actions for a given phase happen simultaneously instead of sequentially.

I think if they made either of these changes I would stick with the game and give it more of my time, but based on my frustration with how slow it is I just couldn't go on.  For now, Atlas Reactor isn't for me.


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