I got my Vive early this month and I wanted to live with it and really get a feel for it before writing anything about it.

I felt like I should get over the initial hump of, "Oh my god this is so amazing." and I think I'm there now.  I still really like it!

It feels like as big of a paradigm shift as moving from 2D to 3D games when the N64 and Playstation generation hit.  It feels monumental.  But it also feels like a first generation product.  I expected this as an early adopter, but it's definitely not ready for mass market.  You need to be computer literate and not get frustrated with hardware to be able to set up and use a Vive.

Honestly, the best experience you can get is probably to go to a friend's house who owns one and try it out.  Then they're dealing with all the setup and you just get the gameplay.

I also can't even imagine how VR feels without the handheld controllers.  I bet the oculus feels more like a gimmick (at least until their touch controllers come out later this year).  Room sized VR experiences are simply amazing.

I've tried out about 30 games at this point and most of them have blown me away.  I'll start writing about them soon!


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