Fading on Hearthstone

I'm starting to lose my current drive to play Hearthstone.

I've been playing it daily ever since the Grand Tournament released in late August.  I've done my daily quests, weekly brawls, and monthly ladder.  At this point I've gotten a deck I like for most of the classes in the game and I have all the cards that I want.

I'm kind of just in a holding pattern until the next expansion or adventure gets released for the game.

And while I'm in this holding pattern the same old thing is starting to bug me, the quest structure.  The daily quests in Hearthstone aren't about playing the game, they're about winning in the game.  Most of the daily quests that are given out are win a certain number of games with a certain class.

I hate this structure.

My favorite days of Hearthstone are when I get quests about playing the game.  Quests like "Do 100 damage to enemy heroes" or "Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more mana."  I love these days because every single game I play is helping me towards a goal, even if I don't win that game.

I wish there were more quests along these lines.  One of my favorite parts about another Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm, has always been that their quests are all about playing and not about winning.

Why can't they bring that philosophy over to Hearthstone?


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