Killjoys Season 1

Remember a couple months ago when I was trying out a bunch of new shows and couldn't seem to get any of them to stick?  Killjoys one of the only shows that did.  I was sick last week so I had a lot of time just sitting in bed to catch up on shows.

I watched all of Killjoys season 1 and I loved it.  In a way, Killjoys gives off a Firefly vibe.  It's set in a solar system with four major planets, a ruling body called the nine, and "the company" that runs almost everything.  The planets all have a different feel and socioeconomic status.  This leads to a lot of strife between the populations of different planets.

Into the middle of this comes the RAC.  It's an independent organization that doesn't take sides in any conflict.  Instead, they take contracts to find and transport goods or people.  They're basically a giant coalition of bounty hunters that are government approved and get all sorts of unique access.  The members of RAC are called, you guessed it, Killjoys.

The three main characters make up a Killjoy team and take contracts for hire.  This is the premise that the show starts out with but every episode it draws you more and more into the secrets and pasts of the main characters.

In the first ten episode season there wasn't a single throwaway episode.  Every single one added more to the overall plot and brought us closer to uncovering new information about the main Killjoy team.

It's really good Sci-Fi.  I'm super picky with my shows these days so when I find one I truly love I try to really appreciate it.

Killjoys is easy for me to recommend to any and all Sci-Fi fans.


  1. Loved the series. Can't wait for Season 2!

    Never heard of Hannah John-Kamen before this show, but love her to death now, and Sarah Power is hotter than ever in it to boot, so... eye candy, action, sci-fi, mystery.... all good stuff!

    1. I'm glad to hear someone else liked the show! I don't know of anyone else who has even heard of it.


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