I Love the Modern Movie Theater

My wife and I have been going out to more movies lately and we recently discovered that one of the theaters near us has been completely renovated into an awesome modern movie theater.

We now refuse to go anywhere else.

What is it about this theater that makes it so great?  Well, let me tell you.

The biggest thing is assigned seating.  I can pick out two good seats online days ahead of time, buy my tickets, and know that I'm going to get those exact seats.  There's no need to show up early or wait in line.  We can show up five minutes before the movie starts and be in our chosen seats.

The seats themselves are all basically giant lazyboy recliners.  They're probably three or four times the size of a typical movie theater seat and they're super plush.  Plus, every other one has an armrest that goes up and turns the pair of seats into one big loveseat which is perfect for date night.

These seats are seriously awesome.

The rows are all super staggered vertically so that there's no possible way your view can be blocked.  Every seat that isn't right under the screen is an amazing view.

Plus, at this movie theater they have a bar where you can get adult beverages and take them into the movie with you.  It's not something I often partake of, but it's really cool to have the option.

All of these things together mean that we just refuse to see movies anywhere else.  I can't imagine going back to the typical movie theater setup.  We have to drive a little bit further, but the prices for tickets are the same as anywhere else and the experience we get from it is so much better.

I hope more theaters move toward this model.  I absolutely love it.


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