Star Wars Comic Catch-Up

At this point I've come to realize that I like comics in small doses.  I'm probably never going to be someone that has a pull list, buys a physical comic, or even keeps up to date on the series I'm interested in.

Instead, I like reading a bunch of related comics in short bursts.

Last week I picked up all the current Star Wars comics and played catch-up.  The series that I've been reading and am now up to date with are:

  • Star Wars (2015)
  • Vader
  • Leia
  • Kanan (the last padawan)
I also heard there's a Lando comic coming out soon.  I'll probably check that out eventually, but I haven't yet.  He was never one of those characters I found especially interesting.

Of the four series I still feel like Star Wars is the weakest one.  It doesn't introduce new characters and since all the characters are big names from the movies you know they have plot immunity.  That makes every confrontation and obstacle less interesting.

Leia was a short concise run of five issues which is now complete.  I really liked it.  It added depth to Leia as a character, introduced new characters, and let me learn a lot about Alderan.  It's especially interesting to see what happens to Alderan culture and heritage after the Death Star has destroyed their home planet.

Kanan is also a really good series.  It starts with order 66 from Episode III and has Kanan on the run from clone troopers.  He has to learn how to not be a Jedi since that will now get him killed.  It adds depth to a character that I already liked from the Star Wars Rebels show, but it stands on it's own just as well.  It'll be fascinating to see what direction this comic goes in next.

Vader started out super strong but is losing momentum.  I thought it would have a concise story arc but it's getting longer and more complicated.  I don't feel like the series is covering enough interesting new ground in each comic.  If the pace would pick up I would be happier with Vader.

I had a lot of fun catching up with all these series.

If I were to recommend one to someone looking to just try them out I would definitely recommend Leia.  But if you're a Star Wars fan they all have something to offer.


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