Super Mario Maker Levels

In my household we've been having a lot of fun making Mario levels in Super Mario Maker.  My daughter has been making levels based on whatever her 5-year-old mind desires.  I've been trying to make themed levels.  My wife is having a lot of fun making super challenging levels and then making me play test them... and when I eventually figure out a way to finish the level she just makes it harder.  The other day my brother stopped by and made a level too.

It's been so much fun!

If you have Mario Maker come check out our levels!

My levels:

  • 36C6-0000-004B-BEBF
  • 7563-0000-004D-E3F3
  • 5E55-0000-0031-5D85
My 5-year-old's level:
  • E7CC-0000-0059-A20D
My wife's levels:
  • 027C-0000-0031-D43D
  • 8943-0000-0048-D0C3
My brother's level:
  • 2B0A-0000-0072-B6BA

If you've been making Mario levels please share them in the comments below.  I'd love to check them out!

Also... Nintendo really needs to find a better way of sharing and linking to levels.  Typing out all these level codes was ridiculous.


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