The Hobbit

I've been reading to my daughter for as long as she could sit in my lap while I flip through pages.  She's 5 now and she's an avid reader.

We've gone from baby books, to little kid books, to kid chapter books.  Last month she asked me when she could start reading "grown up books like Daddy".  And I said, "Right now!  Let's start!"

So I've been reading The Hobbit to her.  It's the quintessential starter book for adult novels in my mind, probably because I remember my mom reading it to me.

It's a book that I can read while she listens and just lets it wash over her.  When we sit down to read for the night we always talk about what happened the night before, and she seems to be keeping up with the story just fine... even though Tolkien's prose isn't all that approachable.  I'm thinking next up might be something more modern and easy to read, like Harry Potter, but the jury is still out on that decision.

After finishing the first third of the book I realized that I hadn't actually watched the first Hobbit movie since I saw it in theaters and I had just reached the conclusion of it in the book.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey covers this third of the book.  It's basically the beginning of Bilbo's adventure all the way through the end of the Misty Mountains part of the storyline.

That night my wife and I rewatched the Hobit and found it holds up really well.  It's the most faithful to the book with very few deviations.  The only parts that aren't directly from the book are the parts with Gandalf and the council of Elves and Wizards, which also happens to be the most boring part of the movie.  But, it's a small diversion which is over quickly.  The first Hobbit movie focuses mostly on Bilbo and it's a great movie because of it.

I'm actually excited to watch the second movie again after this one.  I forgot how much I enjoyed the first Hobbit movie.  I remember them diverging more and more from the book until the third movie just becomes dumb, but I don't remember the second movie very well.

If you haven't watched it since it's release or if you've never watched it, I would highly suggest checking out the first Hobit movie.  It's really good.


  1. I actually really loved the movies - sure they are different from the book but more time spent in middleearth was all good to me. Some of the CGI were a little obvious but u get that when you are trying to do fantasy.

    I started reading the hobbit to my son but he was a little young and didnt connect, will try again next year. In the mean time he is loving the 13th story treehouse series - which are fantastic bridging books from child to adult - cant recommend them more!

    1. Thanks so much for the book recommendation! I'm always looking for new stuff to read with my kids!

      I found the movies a mixed bag altogether, but I really like how the first one holds up. Keep an eye out for some more posts about the rest of the trilogy later.

  2. I haven't watched much aside from the first movie. I think I've seen the second one once?

    I loved The Hobbit. It was definitely my "gateway drug" into fantasy, and later science fiction. I can't wait to have kids and be able to read The Hobbit to them. :)

    1. It's been so fun reading books to her that are a more advanced level. Now I can enjoy the stories more too. Not that I minded reading kid books to her for years, but this is definitely more fun.


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