Star Wars Uprising

Have you ever had a bad game that sucked you in and you willingly spent hours and hours of your time on?  But all along you know it's a bad game?

Star Wars Uprising is a bad game.

I've also put more than 8 hours into it already.

I knew it was a bad game after about 20 minutes with it.  After playing through about 3 missions you've basically seen everything the game has to offer.

Star Wars Uprising is a mobile game set in the Star Wars universe that is essentially trying to be a mobile version of Diablo gameplay.  It does not succeed very well.

The game is riddled with bugs, crashes, horrible loading times, and just oddities.

There are currency systems on top of currency systems in dumb overcomplicated ways.  Get some gear?  You should upgrade it.  But to upgrade it you need to level it up first.  But to level it up you need materials.  But after it's leveled up to max you should upgrade it.  No, don't use materials for that, use components... obviously.  Don't have the right components?  Oh, you can upgrade those too.  Also, you could just spend real money to get better gear anyway.

The levels in the game are bland and quickly repeat themselves.  The tilesets are limited and the enemies quickly become uninteresting.

The main reason I went into this game was for the story... and the story is extremely weak.

This game failed to deliver on every account, despite me giving it the benefit of the doubt.

After my first half hour with the game I knew it was bad.  After an hour I knew it was really bad.  After playing for hours and hours I finally made myself delete it.

Somehow this game managed to suck me in even though it's not worth my time.  A big part of that is probably because it has Star Wars in the title and I know Star Wars is my weakness, but it still surprised me that I put over eight hours into a free to play game like this.

I'm warning you away.  Do as I say and not as I do... or whatever.  You probably won't like Star Wars Uprising, but who knows.  It might sink it's hooks into you the same way it grabbed me.


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