Dragon Quest Heroes

Along with watching a bunch of TV while I was sick last week I also picked up Dragon Quest Heroes.  It's a game in the same style as Hyrule Warriors or Dynasty Warriors.

Basically it's a game with giant waves of super weak enemies that you get to hack and slash your way through.  It's super low key, doesn't use much of my brain power, and has a fun Dragon Quest style.

This game doesn't offer much new to the genre, but it was perfect for being sick.  I could just put on some podcasts to listen to while slashing my way through wave after wave of enemy.  It was easy progression and fun over-the-top combat.

It's not a game I was sure I would pick up, but it was the perfect game to play while sick.  I'll probably work my way through the whole game eventually, but now that I'm feeling better I'm excited to jump into the games I was really looking forward to this Fall.  Triforce Heroes and Assassin's Creed Syndicate came out last week and I've started playing both of them.  And there's even more in November!


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