Poorly Drawn Lines

I've been following Poorly Drawn Lines the webcomic for awhile now.  It took a little bit for the style of comic to grow on me, but ever since then I look forward to every time a new comic gets posted.  It's usually hilarious.

So I was super excited to get to read the Poorly Drawn Lines book early.  It's a collection of webcomics, original comics for the book, and a series of written passages by the same writer.  And it comes out tomorrow!

The comics are still as hilarious as ever.  It was rare for me to go more than two pages without actually laughing out loud.  I love the author's style of humor.

The written passages were a little bit of a letdown.  The author uses a lot of visual humor in the comics and once it's lost the impact of the writing is much less.  They were interesting diversions but the reason I liked this book was definitely for the comics, not the written passages.

I really appreciate that they included original content for the book too.  I remember reading a bunch of these comics when they originally were posted online.  While they're still really funny, it was nice to find new comics mixed in!

If you've never checked out Poorly Drawn Lines before do yourself a favor and go flip through some of the comics over there to see if you like them.  And if you really enjoy them after that, pick up the book once it's out on October 6th.


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