The Beginner's Guide

Earlier this month my brother bought me a copy of The Beginner's Guide because he had just played it and then saw that it was on my Steam wishlist.

He warned me that I should carve out some time to play it in one sitting, so a few days later I did.

I've been thinking about it a bunch since then and I'm not sure how to write about it.  It seems like I'm not the only one.  Almost every video and article I've seen has had the same problem.  It's hard to put this game into words.

But I can say this, it was an experience that was worth the time and pricetag.  Steam says that I played it a total of 80 minutes.  I feel like I got so much experience out of that 80 minutes that I can easily recommend it at it's current price.

I'm still not sure what to tell you about the game.  The basic premise is that there's a narrator who is going to walk you through a series of short games that were made by one of his acquaintances.  Telling you anything more than that will start detracting from the experience you could have with the game, so I won't.

Get this game.  Find an hour and a half of uninterrupted time and play the whole thing in one sitting.  It's worth it.


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