Windows 10

Was going to pull the trigger on a Windows 10 upgrade in the next few months but I was kinda waiting to see how it shook out.  A lot of the time early adopters can get screwed or run into bugs or have something horrible happen (like killing all your files).  But it has been a few months since the free upgrade started rolling out and I've heard nothing but praise.

Gigantic was the tipping point for me.  I got a beta key from playing at PAX and Gigantic is Windows 10 only, so I did the upgrade from Windows 7.

Overall, I'm so glad I skipped Windows 8.  Windows 10 takes everything good from Windows 7 and Windows 8.... and the takes out all the bad decisions from Windows 8.  Windows 10 is basically what Windows 8 should have been.  Just like Windows 7 was what Windows Vista should have been.

Microsoft has a tick tock with Windows and they always have.  Every second version of Windows is a good release.  If tradition continues we should expect Windows 11 to be horrible and Windows 12 to be awesome.

Anyway, I'm really liking Windows 10.  It basically functions just like 7, but faster and with some new features.  I'm glad I did the upgrade!

I'm also interested to see what ends up happening with Windows 10 and the Xbox One.  I still don't have an intention to buy an Xbox One at the moment, but if they really start to do cool stuff between the platforms I might become interested.  Who know, maybe they'll even eventually bring Xbox One games to Windows 10.  Pretty soon they're going to be running on the same OS.  Time will tell.


  1. I'm in the same boat. Was just waiting a while to see how it ended up. My Dad did it on day one and had nothing but praise, and has been bugging me to do it myself but I resisted.

    I was given a Gigantic key by Murf (and offered another one from another friend) and have been thinking of upgrading just to try it out. I also got an Xbox One key that I gave to a friend but he hasn't tried it out either.

    How's the game?

    1. It's good! I like it, but it's definitely still in beta. There's only one map, the UI needs some work, and there's no friends list yet. It's truly in beta, not the AAA game "beta" where you're basically just stress testing a finished game.

      I think it's going to be really good when it launches.


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