Call of Duty Black Ops II

I have liked Call of Duty games in the past.  These days it's extremely hit or miss for me.  That's why I typically wait until they get cheap to try them out.

Black Ops II fell to under $20 on Steam sale and I picked it up to try it.

Unfortunately, what I found was just another Call of Duty.  Nothing interesting or special going on here.  It didn't grab me or make me excited to play at all.  I know some people love the Black Ops series of Call of Duty games but I should probably come to the conclusion that they simply aren't for me.

After playing it for around half an hour I knew that I was completely done with the game.  This is where Steam Refunds come in.

Have I mentioned how much I love Steam Refunds?  I love them!  Now I can actually try out games that I'm unsure about.  As long as you play less than 2 hours of the game you can return it and get a refund no problem.

And that's what I did.  I refunded Black Ops II and now I have the money back in my Steam wallet... where it will no doubt be spent eventually.


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