More Sci-Fi Movies!

I'm still on a Sci-Fi movie kick.  I feel like I'm playing movie catch-up lately.  I've been behind on my movie watching ever since my first kid was born and now I'm finally working through my backlog.  It just happens that a lot of my backlog is Sci-Fi.  Here we go with more impressions:

Oblivion - Tom Cruise is the last repair man on earth, maintaining drones until the automated machines have enough fuel to launch the last of humanity to our new home on Titan.  Until things start to go wrong.  I really liked this movie.  I could say more but it would start giving away the plot.  Overall, it's a good Tom Cruise sci-fi/action movie.  But, I like most of his stuff.

Jumper - The premise of this one was good.  A teenager learns he can teleport, starts using it to rob banks, and creates a new life for himself where he jumps around the world.  The first half was a lot of fun.  Then the second half jumped the shark and got stupid, predictable, and boring all at the same time.  I can't recommend Jumper.

Looper - A bunch of really good actors in a time travel movie where a present day character has to kill a future version of himself.  If I say any more of that it will give away too much of the plot.  But, this is a really good movie.  I recommend it.

Transformers Age of Extinction - Bad.  So, so bad.  I know last time I was checking out Sci Fi movies I said Jupiter Ascending was bad.  This is so much worse.  I couldn't finish it.  Avoid at all costs.

Elysium - In the future all the rich people have moved to a giant space station orbiting the earth while life on Earth keeps getting worse.  Matt Damon is a resident on Earth who gets screwed over by corporate safety standards, gets a huge dose of radiation, has fives days to life, and decides he has to make it to the space station (Elysium) to use their advanced technology to heal himself.  The first half of the movie took awhile to set up.  Probably too long.  The rest was just a Matt Damon action romp.  Overall it was ok, but not great.  If you love Matt Damon it might be worth your time.

Godzilla (2014) - This one was really good for a Godzilla movie.  But, it was still a Godzilla movie.  I enjoyed it once but I don't see myself ever watching it again.

Divergent - There's a huge Hunger Games vibe to this film.  But, that being said, it was good.  I liked it a lot.  In the far future humanity has been divided into 5 factions.  Everyone fits into one of these factions and it determines the course of their life.  Divergent is about the people who don't neatly fit into just one faction.  It's a cool setup and premise.  I liked the way they executed it.  This is another one that's definitely worth seeing once.


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