PAX Thoughts: Mini Metro

One of the really cool things about PAX was getting to actually chat with the developers of the games either immediately before or after playing them.  That in itself was an amazing experience.

One of my favorite interactions with a developer came from the Mini Metro booth.

I started to talk to a guy that was standing near the booth about how I loved the game and I've had it for awhile in early access on Steam.  I told him I was super excited to see an iPad version of the game on the PAX show floor because I think that's the most natural platform for the game.

Then I realized that the guy I was talking to wasn't someone waiting in line to try the game, he was the lead developer!

He was a great guy and it was really fun to talk to him casually for a few minutes.

Like I said, I'm super excited for the iPad version of this game to come out.  He said he's hoping to have it out in the next few months!  I'll be sure to pick it up once it releases.


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