The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is a game that keeps popping up on my radar.  I haven't seen anything about it from major publications but there are bloggers and podcasters that I trust who have said it's worth checking out.

And it is!

The Magic Circle puts you into an incomplete game where the developers are fighting over what should happen in the world.  You quickly break out of the shackles of the pre-scripted game stuff and start messing with the game under their noses.

But it's not just one game.  It has all the assets they ever created for the game... and you can find them.  And exploit them.

It's a fascinating look at game development from inside a game still under development.  It's hard to talk about this game within a game but also outside of a game... but that's kinda what it is.

Ultimately, The Magic Circle was worth checking out... but then I got bored.  I logged out as soon as boredom started to creep in and Steam said I had played for 62 minutes.  I figured I probably wasn't going back so I got my money refunded and I'll end up using it for another game.

Have I mentioned how much I love these Steam refunds?  I feel like I can finally take chances on games and if they don't work out I can still get my money back.

It's a game where a trailer wouldn't give you a good feel for it, but if you have 15 or 30 minutes to check out a let's play it would definitely let you know if it's the type of game for you.


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