Martian Hype!

I'm so excited for this movie!

Out of all the books I read last year, The Martian was my favorite.  I've been recommending it to everyone I know who reads books or listens to audiobooks.  I read it and then immediately listened to the whole thing to experience it a second time.

It pushes all the right buttons for me.  It's a space adventure where things go wrong and people need to use their intelligence to get out of the bad situations.  It's also semi based in real science which can be fun when done well.  And it's done very well in the book.

If you haven't read The Martian and you're an avid reader you really need to get around to it.  It's great!  Even if that doesn't interest you, maybe you'll get as hyped as I am for the upcoming movie!  I can't wait!


  1. I'm really impressed with how well everything in the trailer matches up with the book. I always worry with something like this that they'll try to 'punch it up' by shoehorning in a villain or something, but so far everything looks really good. I'm seriously excited to see it.

    1. Yeah, I'm impressed by what I've seen too. They obviously have to make adaptations for it being a movie instead of a book, but I'm really hopeful.

    2. You do realize that the planet Mars is the "villain" in the book, right? How does one top that in a movie? The PLANET is already trying to kill you; what need of a flesh-and-blood villain too?

      I'm also very excited about this. 1st I heard of it was actually seeing the 1st trailer, and it looked awesome so I bought the book and loved it to death.

      Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) has a nearly hour-long interview with the author here that I thought added some cool insights into the book. Well worth the time (says the guy who generally won't watch a video over 5 minutes long and hates podcasts becuz they're too long).

    3. That's a great interview. I listened to it in podcast form, but it was excellent.


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