Gaming To-Do List Check In

After having a crazy busy September all the way until now I thought it would be a good time to check in on my gaming to-do list that I started for Blaugust last month.  Let's see how progress is going:
  • Persona 4 Golden - I really need to make time for this game.  I loved playing it.  It's just been on hold.  I must make time for it!
  • Hearthstone - Still doing my dailies and playing enough to get weekly/monthly rewards.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening - I want to get back to this eventually, but with new Fall releases coming out I don't know when that will be.
  • FFX-2 - This is right up there with Persona 4 Golden.  I need to start carving out time for RPGs before all the Fall game releases drop!
  • Super Mario Maker - Almost all my gaming time (which has been very limited) has gone into this game lately.  I don't regret it at all.  This might be my game of the year![adding to list]
  • Star Wars Uprising - This mobile Star Wars game came out earlier this month and I've barely put a half hour into it.  I love Star Wars and want to see what Uprising has to offer.[adding to list]
  • Disney Infinity - I mostly got the game and figures for my kids, but I want to dive into the Star Wars playsets and see what they're like.  Especially if I can get my brother over to do some co-op Star Wars lightsaber action.[adding to list]
  • Steam Game Catch-Up - I have a handful of games that I haven't played yet.  Most of them are either kickstarters that just entered early access or games I grabbed on sale.  I want to try them all![adding to list]
  • Fall Releases - All the big games for the year are starting to come out.  September to November is always the biggest time of year for new releases.  I'm excited to pick up and try a bunch of these.[adding to list]
  • Lightning Returns - Tried it and didn't like it.[removing from list]
  • Valkyria Chronicles - I got tired of the hidden information in this game.  I'm done with it even though I liked my time with it.[removing from list]
That's where we stand.  Interestingly I'm now at 9 items, which is more than I had last time I checked in on this list.

I also kinda have a few big catch-alls in there with Steam Game Catch-Up and Fall Releases, but that's ok.  I'll end up trying out another bunch of games and realistically I'll only latch onto a few for any length of time.

I felt like I was almost at the end of my gaming backlog in August, but a month with lots of work and barely any gaming has let stuff pile up again.

I'm interested to see which of the Fall releases I end up putting the most time into.  Right now it's Super Mario Maker, but when Star Wars Battlefront comes out all bets are off.

Are there any Fall games you're especially looking forward to?


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