PS Plus Games for September

I got around to trying out the Playstation Plus games for the month.  It's always interesting to see what offerings we get.  Some are great, some are flops.  Either way, I always look forward to getting some games at the start of the month from Playstation.  Thanks PS Plus!

Here are some quick thoughts about the games for September:
  • Xeodrifter - is a game designed like a super hard Metroid game but with no guidance.  It was really frustrating to not know what to do or where to go.  This game needs to work on it's level flow big time.
  • Teslagrad - a 2D platformer with some interesting style and a magnetic gimmick.  I save most of my platforming for Mario games these days, but if you're a platforming fan there's a lot you could like in this game.
  • Grow Home - This game is both the most interesting and the most frustrating.  The concept is really cool.  You're a running/jumping/climbing robot trying to grow a giant plant into the sky.  You climb and platform your way up the plant and connect it to energy seeds which make it grow higher.  The frustrating part is the controls.  They don't quite feel ready for prime time.  They're kinda floaty and imprecise in a way that gets really annoying.  I would have loved to see what this game could have done with a little more development time.  But, if you're a 3D platforming fan you might want to check it out anyway.
We'll see what's they have to offer next month!  PS Plus game day is something I always look forward to!


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