New Headset

Playing on so many different gaming setups at PAX made me realize that I needed a new gaming headset for my PC.  The one I have is showing it's age and I've made it last for a really long time.

After that realization I started paying attention to what headsets I was using on the show floor.  It was actually a fantastic opportunity to check out real hardware in a real gaming situation.  My brother helped me too once he knew I was hunting for new hardware.

I came away from the show really liking the Astro A40 headset, which you can see above.  It was the most comfortable, best sounding, and most noise insulating headset that I used at the show by far.

I got home and jumped on Amazon to look it up only to realize there are 2 set ups for it.  One with just the headset and one with the mixer.  After reading a ton of reviews I decided that if I'm going to get the headset I'm going to get the mixer.  I really wanted the 7.1 Dolby surround sound because I've never had a chance to get a really good audio setup before.  That required the mixer.

But, the headset and mixer together were a bit out of my intended price range, so I left the tab open in my browser while I considered.  A few days later I glanced back at the tab and the price had dropped by over $50, so I jumped on the deal.

Now I'm the proud owner of a new headset!  I've been jumping between a ton of games over the past few nights just to check it out and I love it!  I'm so glad I pulled the trigger and got this one.


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