Voyager Season 7 Review

In this final season of Voyager it seems like the writers are finally having fun with the existing crew again.  I bet they feel confident that they can start wrapping up character arcs since it's the last season and it really shows.

The characters all have moments that develop them further and it's great to see.  I love that two of the main characters, Tom and Be'lanna, finally get married.  It took basically the whole series, but that's ok.  They also get pregnant!  It's really good to see characters reach the completion of their arcs.

It's great to slowly see the crew get more and more contact with Star Fleet as they get closer to home.  Some of my favorite episodes of the season were ones involving contact with Star Fleet after so much time apart.

There's an episode where the Doctor gets to fight for his legal right to be acknowledged as a person and not an object.  While he doesn't get full legal acknowledgment as a person he does get legally recognized as an artist, which seems like the first legal step in the right direction.  It's a really nice way to wrap up his story and show what he's become.

Toward the end of the season Neelix finds a permanent home in the Delta Quadrant and the crew gives him an official Star Fleet Ambassador title.  The whole crew gives him a big sendoff and says goodbye.

Again I find myself drawn to episodes with time travel too.  There's a really cool episode where the ship gets divided into a bunch of different timeframes and only one crew member has the ability to move between them.  It's a super interesting way to do a retrospective episode of past events (and possible futures) without it feeling shoehorned in.

The series finale finds the crew finally returning to earth, along with one last bit of time travel from a future Janeway.  I'm really glad they made it back but I would have loved to see one more episode about what happens now that they're back home.  Besides that, it was a good way to end the series.

Overall, Voyager is still my favorite Star Trek TV show.  Although it shows some of it's age in the production values it tells a unique story that is different enough from the other Star Treks to be extremely interesting.  It sags under it's own weight a bit in seasons 5 and 6 but ends strong with season 7.

Mainly this just has me excited to see what a modern Star Trek show looks like when the new one airs in 2017!


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