Tharsis Impressions

I played a bunch of Tharsis after hearing about it a few weeks ago.  I thought it was still early access, but it turns out it's a "full game".  It sure doesn't feel like it though.

The core of the gameplay system is there but it feels like it needs options, missions, difficulty settings, and more fleshed out gameplay.  But, I really like what's there.

Tharsis is a game about traveling to Mars and everything goes wrong.  It's a crisis management game.  Every turn you decide where your crew goes in the space traveling vessel and you roll dice for the crew to try to complete objectives.

It's honestly like a board game made to be a video game.  I love board games and video games these days, which is what attracted me to Tharsis in the first place.

Honestly, I really like it, but it feels incomplete.

This one is going to go on the backburner for awhile until they add more to the game.  It's obvious that they intend to add more to the game and tweak it over time.  I bet it's going to be really fun in about six months.


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