The Secret History of Star Wars Impressions

The Secret History of Star Wars is a book I really wanted to like.

The author approaches the behind the scenes history of George Lucas and the creation of the original trilogy with an in depth look at the process.  He uses historical documents and drafts of the screenplays along with a ton of interviews and testimony from Lucas and those who know him well.

I made it about 40% into the book before getting frustrated and putting it down forever.

The problem I had is that the author often retreads the same ground from multiple different sources.  He'll walk through an interesting historical note, back it up with quotes from relevant people, and then seem to start moving onto the next thing... but then go back to the beginning of the subject instead and use different quotes to say the exact same thing.  And then go back and do it a third or fourth time.

I wonder if he had a word count that he promised his publisher because it truly feels like he's just adding fluff to make it longer.  I've written enough school papers to know when I see it.

Anyway, this could have been a great book if it had an editor go through and cut the length in half.  As it stands I can't recommend it, even for you fellow Star Wars die hard fans out there.


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