Final Fantasy Explorers Impressions

Over the past couple days I've gotten to start digging into Final Fantasy Explorers.  It's a Final Fantasy spin-off game for the 3DS.

It's basically Monster Hunter by way of Final Fantasy.

After somewhere in the 6 to 8 hour range with the game I'm feeling very "meh" towards it.  I love the premise, getting to use Final Fantasy classes against monsters in the world.  But the game itself feels slow and directionless.

It has really bad messaging to player.  It's hard to know what to focus on or what to do to improve your character.  There's also almost no story, which is typically something that keeps me invested in Final Fantasy games.

I've finding Explorers less fun than I hoped it would be.  But it's not a straight up bad game.  There can be moments of fun against enemies or fighting giant eidolons out of the Final Fantasy lexicon like Ifrit and Shiva.

I think I'm going to put this one on the backburner.  It might be better suited as a game to play while doing something else, like watching TV or listening to podcasts.  Honestly, I'll probably pick it up next time I have to do air travel.  That always seems like a good time to dig back into 3DS games that I've moved on from.

I'm also going to wait and see if the community puts together good resources for this game.  I feel like if I understood how to progress my character better and had a clear goal to work for I would be having so much more fun with this game.


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