Poly Bridge Impressions

Poly Bridge is a game that I kept seeing gifs of on reddit.  In it you get a set of vehicles on the left and have to construct some type of bridge with the materials available to get them to the flags on the right.

It starts out easy with unlimited resources but soon starts limiting you in interesting ways.  You won't have enough road sections so you'll have to build a jump instead.  Or you won't have enough material to make a bridge that goes up and over an income ship so you'll have to make a draw bridge with working hydraulics.

It's been a really fun game to jump into for a few minutes at a time.  I think my average play session is ten to fifteen minutes, but I find myself coming back to it fairly regularly.

I think most people who have fun building things would enjoy this game.  I grabbed it on sale on Steam for less than $10 and you probably should too.  We all know, there's always another Steam sale right around the corner.


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