Voyager Season 6 Review

I think that after writing this story for six seasons the writers are mostly out of new ideas.  There's a ton of reset TV this season.

I was able to fly through this season because so many of the episodes were fast-forwardable or skippable.

Again, new characters are shoehorned in where they aren't needed, like the Borg children.  It feels like they ran out of new ideas for the existing crew so the need to tack on extra characters to have it feel fresh.  Instead, I just don't care about the new characters.

That being said, there are now some episodes that feel like they will lead to the conclusion of the series.  There's an especially cool one that mostly takes place in San Fransico.  There's a Star Fleet officer obsessed with re-establishing contact with Voyager now that they know the crew is alive.  In the end he's able to make contact for a minute or two and Voyager gets to trade ship logs and information with Star Fleet.

By the end of the season Voyager has just established a temporary data link with Star Fleet that they will be able to reproduce every 32 days.  Finally some consistent contact with home!  Watching them get tied back into Star Fleet should be interesting.

At this point I'm kind of sick of the week to week journey throughout the Delta Quadrant because it feels like the writers are sick of it too.  But, I'm still super excited to see how the series concludes.  And the episodes that push the story of traveling home further along are still really good.  If I remember right the crew eventually makes it back to earth but it's been so long since I watched the show that I don't remember how it happens.


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