Desert Golfing Review

Desert Golfing is a mobile game I've heard about off and on for awhile.  It's a deceptively simple concept.  You use trajectory aiming on a 2D plane to hit a golf ball into a hole... in the desert.  Hence the name.

The complexity comes in because some of the holes get extremely tricky.  And holes never repeat.

I was really confused after hole 18... there was no menu, no stats screen, no selection options... it just went to hole 19.  Then 20.  Now I'm on hole 503 and I thought it was time to write some thoughts on the game.

Honestly, this isn't ever going to be a game that you monotask.  That is to say, this is a perfect game to play while doing something else like listening to a podcast or watching TV.  It's great as a second activity when you're doing something that doesn't take up all your mental RAM.

It seems like this desert goes on forever.  So, it's a game I'll keep picking away at over time.  It's pleasantly simple.

Oh!  And one time I saw a CACTUS!  EXCITING!


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