Star Trek: Enterprise Review

After really enjoying the pilot of Star Trek: Enterprise I was quickly let down by the following episodes.

Although I have to say, I really like the show's intro that walks through the history of flight and space travel.  I know it gets a ton of hate too, but it's actually one of my favorite Star Trek openings.  It has some character to it.

After not clicking with the first few episodes after the pilot, I did what I have with a couple other series lately... I looked up a "best episodes" list.  Doing so let me sample the best of what Star Trek: Enterprise has to offer.  And honestly, some of these episodes are just as good as any other Star Trek show.

The problem is that there aren't many of them.

Most of the best episodes in the series tend to break the normal formula of a Star Trek episode.  That's when you can tell both the actors and writers are truly at their best.

It's kind of funny, I find myself once again drawn to some of the time travel episodes just like when I watched Voyager.  Maybe I'm just a big fan of time travel in general... I'm starting to think that's the case.

The finale of Star Trek: Enterprise is interesting in that it takes place in the middle of a Star Trek TNG episode and stars Riker and Troi but deals with the Star Trek: Enterprise crew as a holodeck program.  It's an odd framing device but definitely interesting and it manages to tie this first crew into the other crews of the Star Trek universe.

Overall, I'm glad that I've watched a handful of these episodes and gotten context for the early part of the Star Trek universe.  That being said, I can't recommend this one.  Not even for huge Star Trek fans.  There's not enough good content here to balance out the bad.  I'm ok with the time I spent with it, but you probably won't be.


  1. I enjoyed your review and appreciate you gave it a chance, but I disagree: I found the series to be good overall, after a shaky start. It began to really gather steam midway through the second season a a found its footing by year three. It remained excellent pretty much from then on, with only the occasional dud.

    I can totally recommend it. Without reservation.

    1. I actually really like hearing the other side of the argument from people who like it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      I really did like the extra context it gave me for the Star Trek universe, that's the best thing that came out of it. And now I'm even more excited for the new Star Trek show next year!


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