Stargate Universe Impressions

If you haven't noticed by now I'm catching up on a lot of TV that's come out over the past 5-10 years.  I finally have time to catch back up after having kids.  It's just impossible when they're little.

Anyway, Stargate Universe was one of the shows that I liked in my big pilot watching spree.  Unfortunately, this is another show that I gave up on after a handful of episodes.

I think I watched five episodes before giving up.  The problem, for me, is that the show became too much of a slow paced mystery.  I like Sci-Fi shows that are about exploration and discovery.  In SGU there was just too much sitting around wondering about the ship that they're on to keep me interested.

My brother mentioned that it also just doesn't feel like Stargate.  The other Stargate shows are all about exploring new places through the Stargate every week.  In SGU they're just kinda on a ship.  Even the episode I saw where they visited a planet through their Stargate it was just a big empty desert.  Basically the most boring planet ever.

I'm not giving up... I know I'll find some diamonds in the rough while I work through my big list of shows to check out.


  1. SGU I managed to finish the 1st season, even though I really didn't care for it. I watched an episode or 2 of the 2nd season, but just couldn't get into it and finally just let it drop. I wanted to like it -- I loved SG1 and SGA, after all, but.... nope.

    1. I wanted to like this too. But I also couldn't really get into it.


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