Trying to Stop Being Completionist

One of my biggest goals for last year with media was to stop always being completionist.  I have the habit of feeling like I started something so I should finish it.

I did pretty good last year.  From sampling all my Steam games in my library to finally being able to walk away from a book partway through.  I'm trying to continue the trend this year too.

It's allowed me to sort through so many games, books, movies, and TV shows while actually spending time on the good stuff once I find it.

Recently, I tried reading a different series by an author that I like and got about a quarter of the way into the first book when I realized I wasn't enjoying it at all.  It wasn't for me.  And that's ok.  Being ok with it is the biggest accomplishment of this for me.  It used to be that if I was a quarter of the way into a book I was already committed and would finish it even if I didn't like it.

You can probably tell how fast I've flying through different kinds of media now based on how many "impressions" posts I do vs how many "review" posts go up.  If I bounce off something super fast I won't even write about it, but when I've played/read/watched enough to get a feel for what it's offering I always try to do an impressions post before moving on to the next thing.

Media consumption feels so much different now and I can tell it's for the better.  I'm spending my time more wisely and enjoying my leisure time more.


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