Microsoft E3 Press Conference Thoughts

I had a lunch meeting so I'm a little behind on E3 today, but I just blasted through the Microsoft conference and have a couple minutes to write before the EA conference starts.

It was a solid showing, but not enough to get me to buy an Xbox One.  There are a lot of games that are interesting to me, but most of them are on both Xbox One and PC.  I much prefer to use my monster of a gaming PC instead of spending more money on hardware I don't need.  It seems like I won't miss out on too much.

The Xbox One exclusives that did interest me are Halo 5 and Thieves of the Sea.  Halo 5 is fairly self explanatory, but I really liked the ODST vibe it gave off.  That has always been my favorite Halo game.  Thieves of the Sea looks like a sweet stylized pirate MMO that I would play in a heartbeat if it were on PC, but for the moment it's staying as a Xbox One exclusive.

They showcased a lot of games and hardware announcements, I'm still kinda decompressing.  Here are a couple more random thoughts.

Minecraft with the Hololens was cool looking.  Lot's of potential fun there.

The new Tombraider looks more explorey and less combaty than the last one, which is a huge plus in my book.

Gears of War is generally good, but not a system seller for me these days.

Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games could be huge, but it's better to wait for details on how that will work before getting too excited.

Microsoft is partnered with Oculus Rift.  I'm hoping they'll give it lots of support.

Ok, EA conference is starting.  More thoughts on E3 2015 soon!


  1. Halo 5 was always going to be tempting, but nothing else puts me over the top. I needed ONE more solid franchise from Microsoft and they've failed to give me that since I was an original Xbox owner on day one.

    Great conference though! It'll be hard to beat.

  2. the microsoft conference was really great!!! recore looked amazing as well.


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