Invisible, Inc.

I've been on a big turn-based game kick lately.  Invisible Inc is the latest in a series of games that I've enjoyed but failed to put a lot of time into.  It's kind of weird that I know I love turn-based strategy games so much but lately none of them can seem to keep my attention for long.

Invisible Inc is really good.  Out of all the turned-based games I've been playing lately this is the second best.  Only Valkyria Chronicles has a one-up on it.

In Invisible Inc you navigate a team of spies through a procedurally created enemy complex.  Your mission might be to get new equipment, rescue other agents, retrieve intel, or a number of other scenarios.  It allows you to push your luck by staying in the enemy complex longer while you search for more loot, intel, and gear.  But the longer you stay in the enemy facility the higher their security level gets.  It's really fun!

I like the game a lot.  I've had a bunch of nights where I'll play this game for hours on end while really thinking about every move.  I've had a couple other nights where I'll play haphazardly while watching TV at the same time.  Both ways work and both ways are fun.

For me I don't know how the longevity of this game will be.  After syncing a bunch of time into it I already feel like I've seen what the game has to offer.  Yes, these things will be remixed and rematched into new combinations the more I play... but I've kind of seen it all.  This is one of the drawbacks of procedurally generated games.  The levels all start to feel samey.

Overall I suppose I give this game a thumbs up.  It's really fun to play, and your mileage may vary.  If you're someone who enjoys roguelikes, turn based strategy, or procedurally generated games you'll probably find something here for you.  I just can't vouch for how long it will hold your attention.


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