Splatoon Single Player

I love the Splatoon multiplayer and my whole family has been getting into it.  I wrote about that yesterday.  Today I want to touch on the single player experience.

It has it's ups and downs.  The levels that are in the game are great.  It has the typical Nintendo level of polish and level design sensibilities.  Challenges build on each other in a progressive manner that makes perfect sense.

The single player levels are really good!  Unfortunately, the overall campaign is fairly short.  It's obvious that most of their focus was put into the multiplayer mode of Splatoon.  It was sad for me to see how short the game is compared to other Nintendo experiences.

The other thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is that 75% of the single player experience is locked behind Amiibos.  I wouldn't have realized this if I didn't pick them up, but now that I've seen that each Amiibo has an entire campaign behind it's paywall I'm kind of worried about the future of Nintendo content experiences.

It wasn't a big deal for me to pick up the 3-pack of Amiibos, and I really wanted them anyway because I thought they looked awesome.  But that's not going to be true for everyone.  Especially with the Amiibo supply shortages at the moment.

I guess what I'm saying is that the single player campaign that is in the game is good... but don't buy this game for the single player experience.  Only pick it up if the multiplayer looks appealing to you. That's where the heart of the game lies.


  1. I would've picked it up if the single player were said to be a bit stronger or if it had a same screen co-op element. I believe there is one mode you can do that way, but it isn't enough for me since I highly doubt I'd get to play it online very much.

    1. There is a 1v1 mode where one player gets the pro controller and the TV while the other player gets the gamepad. It's definitely not where the main part of the game is though.

      If you can't play online the game is definitely not worth the $60 price tag.


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