Moon Knight

After hitting a few runs of comics that I didn't much enjoy I asked a friend for suggestions within the Marvel universe.  I'm trying to make the most of Marvel Unlimited while I have it since I'm still not sure how long I'll keep it.

He gave me some recommendations and the one that seemed the most off the beaten path was Moon Knight.  So, I started there.

And I loved it!  Moon Knight is basically Batman.... if Batman was crazy... and didn't give a fuck about collateral damage.... or killing people who deserve it.  Also, he wears white so enemies can see him coming and he's the embodiment of an ancient Egyptian god kind of.  It's really weird, but it works.

I read the whole 2014 run in one night and I wish there was more.  I might have to dive into the back-catalog and see if there are other runs of Moon Knight too.

If you like heroes that aren't typical and you have Marvel Unlimited you should really check it out.


  1. I loved Moon Knight! But I only read like one series in the 90's where he was the star. He did make many cameos in the Marvel Universe though. I always liked how Marvel wouldn't shy away from vigilante types that didn't give two shits about anything but the mission at hand.


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