Massive Chalice

I finally went through some of the Kickstarters that I kickstarted and grabbed the keys for games that are finally finished.  Massive Chalice is a game I was really excited for, so I plugged my key into Steam and jumped into the game.

I was met with disappointment.

I don't want to do a long analysis of why I didn't like the game but it basically came down to two reasons.  One: I hate the visual style.  Two: I hate the tactical combat.  The visuals didn't click with me at all and the tactical combat felt super derivative and just not fun at all.

There's a lot of game here for people to dig into if it clicks with them.  I have to admit, I did like the strategic level of kingdom building in this game.  Building keeps, defending the realm against increasingly difficult odds, and playing matchmaker to create new bloodlines of heroes were all fun.  If I could have done that, automated the tactical battles, and had a new visual style on this game I think I would have loved it.

For me this is another Kickstarter flop.  I loved the pitch, but didn't like the end result at all.  These days I'm much more skeptical of my Kickstarter backings.


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